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Family Law Mediation Matters

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About Me

I am a San Diego attorney and divorce mediator and am certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a Specialist in Family Law. I specialize and work with families who may be dealing with complex parenting issues, including families who may or may not be dealing with high assets and complex business valuations. I work with families who may be navigating special needs of either the parent(s) or the children, and have worked with professional athletes, musicians, artists, composers and authors. I am an experienced divorce mediator, and in the past 16 years have litigated many diverse family law matters, represented and consulted clients in mediation and collaborative divorce matters.  Now retired from litigation, I am committed to working with families utilizing all of my life's experience and expertise to find healthy solutions on the path of peacemaking. I offer in person and online mediation.

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How Can I Help You?

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Confidential Divorce on Your Terms

Divorce can be a stressful time. Family law mediation is a process by which a couple comes together with the help of a neutral mediator to facilitate a dialogue so that you reach your own agreements and settlements rather than one that may be imposed in a court proceeding by a judge that doesn’t truly know your family.    I'm here to help you resolve collaboratively. Let me help you navigate and guide you through this time in your life.

Custody & Parenting Plans

This is is a highly emotional time, as you likely have already discovered.  It is also a time where there are so. Many. Questions. Questions about the children and how parenting time might be structured and shared, how to navigate living situations whether you are still living together in the same location or whether you have already separated from living in the same home. Your family's situation is unique. I bring my experience working with hundreds of families and will help you create a parenting plan.

Child & Spousal Support

Child support and spousal support can be complex and confusing; how they are calculated, how much and who pays what.  We can run calculations and explore creative options that may not be well known to address your particular situation.

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Let's Get Started

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1. Schedule a Meet & Greet

Give me a call, email, or use the booking form below to find a time that works for us.

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2. Book an In-Depth Session

At our first session we will discuss how you each see the most pressing issues and from there we create a plan.  Often there is discussion about the filing process and when that might begin if it has not already be initiated.   We identify where we may need more information, such as appraisals on real property, etc. and timelines for gathering information.

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3. Make a Plan

California has a mandatory requirement that spouses exchange information about all of the assets and debts acquired during their marriage.  This is often and overwhelming endeavor.  We work to together to gather the necessary information so that everything can be identified and addressed.   We discuss the filing procedure and process for filing the Petition and Response, if this has not already been initiated, to reduce any potential conflict.  Child support, parenting plans, spousal support and division of retirement plans are also included in discussions as we move toward creating a settlement agreement that makes sense for your family.

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Family Testimonials

"Elisa was incredible. This was such a stressful time for our family, but she guided us through the whole process. She helped us find solutions that we didn't even know were options. She was patient and knowledgeable. So glad I found her."

"Elisa helped us stay out of court and have more money to save for our children."

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701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300
Carlsbad, California 92011

+1(760) 931-4756

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